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Ullu Web Series Dunali Season 2 Part 1 & 2, Cast, Crew, wiki, story, synopsis

Synopsis Ullu Web Series Dunali Season 2

Dunali is a story about a boy named Sameer who has two private parts. The web series follows the life of Sameer who falls in many difficulties along with exciting things also because of his body parts problem, and then it starts where the first part stopped. Sameer’s father tries to find a girl for him and Sameer gets a girlfriend. The rest of the story is about the adventures and problems Sameer faces because of having to private parts.

Synopsis Ullu Web Series Dunali Season 2

Wiki of Ullu Dunali Season 2

NameDunali Season 2
GenreRomance and Drama
OTT PlatformUllu
Release Ullu Date10 June 2022
Season 2
Part One Episodes 4
Part Two Episodes 3
Part Three Episodes 3
Episode Runtime 25 Minutes
DirectorYatendra Rawat


  • Shubham Devrukhkar
  • Kabir Makhija
  • Rekha Mona Sarkar
  • Nehal Vadoliya
  • Babul Bhavsar
  • Neha Parik

Story Ullu Web Series Dunali Season 2

The first part of Dunali web series (Season 2) follows the story of its main character Sameer. In the last season we got to know that he has got two private parts, of a boy and a girl which becomes the reason for lots of problems in his life. In this season, his father comes to meet him and solve the problem so that he can find a good girl and get married. Sameer visits a doctor for treatment of his two private parts. Dunali is a story about Sameer and his adventures. It became quite favorite among the viewers because of its gripping storyline, erotic scenes, drama and comedy, and in second part Sameer’s father comes to his house and starts looking for a wife for Sameer. Sameer finally finds a girl whom he likes very much. The girl brings lots of fun and excitement to Sameer and people near him. Sameer then tries to explore his sexuality and it leads to adventures. But what in starting seemed like a gift to him, slowly turns into a curse.


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