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Various Ways of Getting Vitamin D without being Exposed to Sun

There is no doubt that everyone loves summer after the chilly winters and soaking in some sunlight is helpful to receive Vitamin D which is quite beneficial for your health. There are many enjoyable activities to do and go for outdoor activities with friends and family during summertime along with getting the benefits of vitamin D. There is no doubt that soaking in sunlight has many advantages but exposure to too much sunlight has many types of risks also. Here we will discuss about getting vitamin C without getting exposed to sunlight.

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Let’s begin with knowing what exactly is vitamin D and its benefits. Vitamin D is basically a fat-soluble vitamin that is available naturally in many kinds of foods. The human body can automatically create vitamin D when it is exposed to sunlight. Since it’s a fat-soluble vitamin, your body exploits what is required and stores the extra amounts in fat cells instead of getting it out of the body.

Vitamin D along with vitamin K is the only type of vitamin that can be created by the human body. As mentioned before exposure to sunlight can create vitamin D but the sun does not provide you with vitamin D itself. When your body is exposed to the sun, the sun’s ultraviolet rays meet the cholesterol available in the skin cells, and it provides the energy for your body to make its own vitamin. Vitamin D is the only type of vitamin that also works as a hormone.

There are many benefits of vitamin D and here we have made a list of a few health benefits of vitamin D. 

  • Helps in regulating calcium absorption in our body
  • Helps in improving the immune system of our body which aids a lot to curb various types of illnesses.
  • Improves brain health
  • It slows down the process of ageing

You can get vitamin D without getting exposed to sunlight is by having foods that are rich in vitamin D. Food items like fatty fish, egg yolk, whole cow’s milk, some types of grains, and meat organs like the liver contain vitamin D. Vitamin D can be found in dairy products, canned tuna and mushrooms also but these items have side effects also. There are vitamin D supplements also available which are a good source of vitamin D and you need not get exposed to the sun to get vitamin D by having the products mentioned above.

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