Wardrobe staples every girl should own

Wardrobe is an essential part in every girl’s life and curating one is all the more special. It needs time and investment to build a good wardrobe with essential pieces that can go very well at any given point in time. It’s an integral part in a girl’s day to day life. A put together wardrobe helps her to pick the right outfit for the right occasion. Deciding on what to wear every other day is a kind of hassle that one should not go through. This problem can be solved through a lengthy but significant process; the only thing that is to keep in mind is to buy some basic piece of clothing that will go along with your entire signature looks.

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When planning on investing in basic clothes then do look for good quality pieces. It need not be expensive but the material should be good. The look and feel of the cloth should be of a decent standard, that will make your entire look so much put together. To top it up you are always free to add on some statement pieces such as a jacket, necklace, heels, shrugs, scarfs and what not. They will add that wow factor in your look and make you a completed head turner.

Let’s get to see what all you are going to need to build your basic wardrobe.

  • A white tee – start building your look with a clean base. A white tee is a must in any wardrobe; you can always dress it up with other statement pieces. This will go a long way and will stay with you for years and you will not have to buy it frequently.
  • A black dress – Be it formal or casual a black dress is a must have. Always opt for a semi-modest length that will cover you from day to night.
  • Dark wash Denim – You need to own one! Having a dark wash denim is a must, it will keep you covered for all your daily college or even office going looks. You can pair it up with graphic Tees or plane shirts for a relaxed look.
  • Button Up Shirts – To draw the balance between casual yet a bit dressy, a shirt comes in handy. In order to look polished you can always go for a plain or even a striped shirt that will automatically elevate your look. You can style it with a pair of jeans, a pair of pants or even a pencil skirt depending on where you need to be.
  • Knee length Skirt – If you are an office going girl you definitely need it. It gives you that polished formal look that you can carry to your work every day. It can go along with any formal set and it will be a win-win situation for you.
  • Ankle boots – You know how to look sassy instantly! These ankle boots are here to elevate your style to the next They can make you look so much more stylish instantly, you can go for peep-toe style for winters and close toe style for summers.

These are some of the basic things that every girl needs in her wardrobe and are a long term investment that one should definitely go for. You will be wearing them for the next few years to come and that’s the best part of all of it. With these basic pieces you are covered from day to night, to look classy throughout just add in a dash of make-up and you are good to go.

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