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Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G Review: Trying to Entice Customers with its Sleek Design

In the last couple of years, Xiaomi has created a niche for itself in the market of laptops in India by launching a few models. It released its first notebook in India in the mid-2020s and rather than launching products in every price segment, it’s taking things slowly and steadily. Xiaomi has targeted that group of customers who prefer slick, premium models and provides something new and different than the basics. It recently launched the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G which sets itself apart in this segment of the notebook with its designs and features. This time it has also kept the price a bit higher as compared to Xiaomi’s previous products in this segment and it’s because, with Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G, it promises to give better features and sleek design which were minimal in its earlier products. But does it worth it, let’s know.

By launching Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G, the company is targeting students, professionals, normal users, and the mobile workforce. It has an all-aluminum body with a high-resolution 120Hz display, the latest 12th Gen Intel i5 processor, and Thunderbolt connectivity. Prices of this product range from Rs. 69,999 to 76,999 depending on the features. The higher-priced variant has dedicated Nvidia graphics which were not there in its earlier notebooks. When it comes to the design of this product, it seems that Xiaomi has taken a cue from Apple and made its features and design somewhat similar to a MacBook.

The body of the notebook does not have many angles and curves except for the corners which are round in shape and kept things simple. The shiny logo on the lid gives it an extra edge in looks in an otherwise minimalistic notebook. Everyone will agree that it has a well-built design with high-end hardware. It has an aluminum chassis that feels premium through and through. Open the laptop up and you’ll find a large trackpad and a decent keyboard on the inside. The keyboard deck has little to no flex. The screen borders are narrow and enough space is given for a webcam. It has a non-reflective matte screen which makes it better when comes to productivity. The layout of the keyboard is decent with a white backlight with two brightness levels. Xiaomi has provided a separate power button with a combined fingerprint sensor which is slow, and not 100% accurate. The screen, with a matte coating, comes with thin bezels on three sides and an 88% screen-to-body ratio. There’s a 720p webcam and two mics up top. When it comes to displaying, it’s the first Xiaomi notebook with a 120Hz refresh rate is a welcome change. It makes a huge difference on a day-to-day basis. The 14-inch IPS LCD panel comes with a QHD (2560 x 144) resolution and a 16:10 aspect ratio.

Full HD movies and shows on OTT platforms look good enough on the 14-inch big screen and the stereo speakers are just fine. While everything is decent in this notebook, the price of the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 120G, is a bit high given the features but it can’t be termed as a bad deal. If you are looking for a notebook with a sleek design and ready to the price for it, it’s worth it.

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