5 Foods to shrink belly fat

The fat that accumulates on your tummy is the most stubborn of all fats. Not only does it look bad on you, it is also an open invitation to a number of dreadful health issues like diabetes, stroke, high blood-pressure etc. Although losing belly fat might sound like a difficult task.

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Here is a list of 5 healthy food items to effectively get rid of belly fat:

Boiled potatoes

Amazed by the fact that potatoes are good food for a flat tummy? Don’t worry, we got you covered. Further, boiled potatoes are filling and thus effective in keeping your hunger pangs in control, thereby helping you avoid unhealthy snacking and excess eating. Also, Potatoes are rich in a really wide range of nutrients that your body needs, especially potassium.


Yogurt  is one of the healthiest food items in your kitchen. Yogurt is rich in protein, and also contains probiotics which are good for your gut health. And as we all know, a healthy gut means a balanced weight, and therefore a flat stomach. Just make sure to not consume flavored yogurt, which contains artificial sweeteners, because the artificial sugar will make you fatter.


Nuts, being high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats, make for a great snack option, much better than the kilos of French fries that have made you fat. If you’re going to continue snacking anyway, why not do it the healthier way? Swap your french fries with a handful of nuts! Just keep a check on intake of nuts as too much if nuts can increase the calorie count and result in bad health.


It is because eggs are rich in protein, therefore they keep you full for a good number of hours and a breakfast that’s made out of a lot (or all) of eggs can be a great way to help you shrink belly fat. Thus, eggs keep you full and satisfied for long hours and also prevent unhealthy snacking.


swap your daily unhealthy snacks with health boosting fruits to get better results for sure. Though fruits naturally contain sugar, adding them strategically to your diet can do wonders to your fitness plans and can be beneficial for reducing stubborn belly fat. Researches have shown that people who include fruits in their everyday diet are at a lower risk of getting obese.

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