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Foods to avoid if you are 30

Isn’t it everyone’s favourite hobby to gorge on pizzas and burgers all the time despite knowing the fact that these foods are unhealthy and should be consumed in moderation. They can lead to various health problems like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and joint pains. You should ditch these and many more such foods especially after you cross 30.

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Here is a list of some food items that should be avoided if you are above 30:

  • Pesticides rich vegetables and Fruits

Our body is full of toxins that have largely entered through the pesticides in vegetables and fruits, by the age of 30. These pesticides can hamper our hormonal balance and metabolism and are also responsible for causing fertility issues. So keep a check on these and try to eat more organic produce. Try growing some vegetables and herbs in your very own kitchen garden and avail its healthy benefits.

  • Artificial Sweeteners

Don’t get misled by ads, artificial sweeteners aren’t healthier than sugar. Stop buying packs of sugar-free drops for your coffee as they can lead to weight gain in the middle abdominal area, besides causing other liver-related health problems.

Staying away from anything that is sugar-free, such as candies and other snacks is a healthy choice.

  • Packed Drinks

Cold drinks, or sodas,have a very high amount of sugar in them and can easily affect your body system. For those above 30 and thinking about starting a family, the high sugar content can lead to ovulation issues as well as low sperm motility in men. Besides, their acidic nature is bad for your gut and can cause long-term health issues. So it is advisable to quit these unhealthy drinks now!

  • Cheap Butter or Margarine

It is often assumed that Margarine  is a healthier option than butter. But that’s not the case. Margarine is made up of partially-hydrogenated oils that are a kind of trans-fat that can cause heart issues and other fatal problems. It also makes our skin vulnerable to UV rays and breaks down the collagen in the skin, thus causing wrinkles.

  • Powdered Packed Soups

Everyone loves having a warm cup of chilled winters, but be aware of these misleading packed soups as they contain too much sodium. Having too much sodium or salt in your diet is an open invitation to heart diseases, high blood pressure, and stroke. Besides, these soups are packed with preservatives that are not good for anyone and can cause severe health issues. Enjoying homemade soups is a better option.

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