Five fun exercises for kids

No doubt, everything kids do eventually becomes an exercise but nowadays, with technology impacting badly, it is important for kids to indulge in physical activities regularly to lead a healthy lifestyle. It protects the kids from getting obese and developing type 2 diabetes when they reach adulthood, that is quite common nowadays for those who lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Kids must indulge in exercise for at least one hour daily to strengthen their muscles and also improve their mental and physical balance and coordination.

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Here is a list of five exercises that kids will enjoy:

  • Keep moving with Running

Running is a great exercise, be it for adults or kids. It moves their entire body and helps to improve their cognitive performance and coordination and promotes their lung and heart health which eventually relieves stress, anxiety and improves their academic performance. You can encourage your kids to get involved in a game of chasing their friends or just practise it at home with some fun music.

  • Rope Skipping

Rope Skipping is a coordinated exercise that incorporates both running and jumping, that helps to build stamina in your kids and improve their overall physical fitness. Your kids can practice it in the morning inside or outside as it will promote blood circulation, improve balance, and reduce stress. Freeze skipping is also a good option which can be accompanied with some music.

  • Cycling

Cycling is a fun and healthy activity that calms them down and also helps to strengthen their thighs and ankles, in your children. It also increases stamina and protect your child from getting obese. Make sure they cycle only in a greener environment away from the traffic, as it makes them more responsible and confident cycling their way through the scenic parks around. 

  • Include Yoga in your child’s fitness regime

Kids can practice easy and fun yoga poses like happy baby, tree pose, cobra, child’s pose, etc. There is nothing better than making your kids learn yoga to better their overall health. It is known to reduce stress, promote flexibility, strength, improve their memory and academic performance. According to research, to calm the body and reduce anxiety in kids, yoga is a good exercise.

  • Let them jump around freely

You might get fed up with your energetic kids jumping around the house. But trust me, research shows that jumping has numerous health benefits and it’s also a kind of exercise that you won’t have to force on them. Fun games like freeze jumps or jumping jacks that will make them enjoy the activity and promote cardiovascular health, strengthen muscles, and boost coordination and balance.

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