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Some Tips for Better sleep

A whole lot of serious health problems such as stroke, diabetes, and indigestion can be caused by a very common problem called sleep- deprivation.  It’s often the case that people don’t get the required 7-8 hours of quality sleep, with increasing pressures of modern life. If you’re someone who has a lot of trouble sleeping well.

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Here is a list of some general tips to make you fall asleep quickly:

  1. It’s important to maintain a regular sleep-schedule. You can maintain a rigid sleeping and wake-up routine every day, to fall asleep better everyday. This will set-up your body clock, so you will be able to fall asleep and get up “on time” easily.
  2. To be able to fall asleep quicker, and have quality sleep, it’s important to have the right environment in your bedroom. Dim down the lights, switch-off phones and other devices, and get rid of distracting noises. If you’re a light sleeper, usage of earplugs and eye-shades might  help. Investing in mattresses and pillows of good quality as poor ones might also hamper sleep-quality.
  3. Doing some physical exercises during the day is also a great idea to be able to fall asleep faster, and also to score good quality sleep at night, as working out makes you physically and mentally tired, which ultimately makes you fall asleep quickly and gives a sound sleep routine,
  4. You can perform relaxing rituals before bed like reading, meditating, walking etc. before bed. It will help calm you down and thus assist you in falling asleep faster.
  5. Last but not the least, following a healthy lifestyle promotes better sleep quality. For dinner, heavy, spicy meals should be avoided, and lighter, easy-on-the-stomach food should be chosen, to ensure digestive troubles don’t disrupt sleep. Cut down on health- deteriorating habits such as smoking, drinking, excessive caffeine consumption etc., as they can cause sleeplessness or poor quality of sleep.

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