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5 hairstyles that will never go out of fashion

Hair is something that frames your face, so it is very important to have a cut that suits your face type. The fashion industry is changing every single day you have something new coming up on a regular basis. But even after so many changes few things remain constant. Among those few things you have 5 hairstyles that never went out of fashion. These timeless hairstyles have always been in trend, whatever be the face shape these hair styles always complimented them. Back in the retro days and today in the contemporary times these hairstyles are something that women look forward to. They have gone through the phase of evolution and with that being said these hair styles always make their way back with a twist.

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Let us have a look at these hairstyles and see how they have evolved since time and how they have managed to still be in trend.

  1. Blunt Bangs – Blunt Bangs aka Saddhana Cut named after a popular Indian Actress “Saddhana ” has always been in trend ever since it surfaced in the fashion industry. This hairstyle looks extremely cute and suits almost every face shape. Primarily it was designed to make a wider forehead look a bit narrow. But with the course of time it came into the fashion industry with a BANG! Since then it has never gone out of fashion.
  2. Center Part – In India as well as on the globe, women love a simple straight part. This effortless hair style makes women look put together instantly. If someone wants to look good without putting in a lot of time and effort in getting ready then this particular hair cut should be their go to style.
  3. Defined Curls – well all of us agree that at some point we did try to curl it up! This particular hairstyle is absolutely amazing and is not going to go anywhere in days to come. If you have naturally curly hair then congrats you are among the lucky ones. And for the rest of us a curling rode always comes in handy.
  4. Pixie Cut – Gained popularity back in the sixties and now once again it is one of the trendiest haircuts and it’s now going anywhere soon. Over the course of time it has gained all the more popularity, thanks to the Hollywood movies and their stars.
  5. Classic bob – It’s minimal, it’s classic and it looks super chic and above all nothing can go wrong with this evergreen hair style. In the hair style industry a lot of different hair styles came and went but this one particular hairstyle managed to travel through time and remained with us till date.

All these styles have been a thing in the past and even today they haven’t gone out of fashion. Many of us must have definitely tried some of these hair styles and admired ourselves in the mirror.  It’s fascinating how trends travel in time and some of them, like the above mentioned hairstyles, stay with us forever.

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